About Me

I was raised in Lancaster, CA and went to college at UC Santa Barbara.  I moved on my own from Los Angeles to Washington DC about five years ago to pursue a career opportunity in marketing.  I was suddenly thousands of miles away from everyone I loved, and I needed a way to channel my initial fear and my covert excitement.  So I started to cook...a lot.  Creating delicious food and exploring new cooking techniques mirrored my uncertainty and also my need for adventure. 

During that time I also discovered my love of fitness and my interest in nutrition.  Unfortunately, I began to take my "healthy" habits too far. I overexercised and restricted too many calories, and as I lost weight, I lost myself.  On this blog, I share my experiences, mixed with everyday ramblings and other adventures.

I love following other food/healthy-living bloggers and have learned so much from their transparency, love for life, and ability to inspire others.  So I aspire to be like them.  But in the meantime, this is a more of a journal to document my life as a city girl, my love for food, and my everyday efforts to find a healthful balance.

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