Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lessons Learned from my Dog

It is the one-year anniversary of adopting our sweet angel Celine, also known as Cee Cee, our dog.  I honestly believe that rescuing Cee Cee has helped me to make even more progress toward overcoming my food-related issues and anxiety.  One morning, I was about to step on the scale in my bathroom and Cee Cee was staring up at me.  It was almost as though she was saying "What the heck is that meaningless contraption.  Let's cuddle." 

Lessons learned from my dog:

1) Always stop to sniff the roses (and roll in the grass).

2) Love and accept the way you look.

3) Be un-apologetically yourself.

4) Ask for the things you need and communicate them clearly.

5) Be grateful for the special people in your life (maybe don't lick their face when they greet you at the door), but make it a priority to just be with them. 

6) Persevere when times are rough.

Our lives may be a bit more complicated than our dog's.  But they teach us that it is important to acknowledge the simple pleasures and love in each day.

Any you can think of to add?  Add them to the comments below :)

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