Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lessons Learned from my Dog

It is the one-year anniversary of adopting our sweet angel Celine, also known as Cee Cee, our dog.  I honestly believe that rescuing Cee Cee has helped me to make even more progress toward overcoming my food-related issues and anxiety.  One morning, I was about to step on the scale in my bathroom and Cee Cee was staring up at me.  It was almost as though she was saying "What the heck is that meaningless contraption.  Let's cuddle." 

Lessons learned from my dog:

1) Always stop to sniff the roses (and roll in the grass).

2) Love and accept the way you look.

3) Be un-apologetically yourself.

4) Ask for the things you need and communicate them clearly.

5) Be grateful for the special people in your life (maybe don't lick their face when they greet you at the door), but make it a priority to just be with them. 

6) Persevere when times are rough.

Our lives may be a bit more complicated than our dog's.  But they teach us that it is important to acknowledge the simple pleasures and love in each day.

Any you can think of to add?  Add them to the comments below :)

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beachbody anyone?

How does everyone feel about the Beachbody / Shakeology stuff taking over my newsfeed?

My initial thought when I began seeing these "coaches" posting inspirational messages and touting how easy and convenient the Beachbody workouts are, was that huh - maybe this isn't as bad as most of the fad diets that have graced my television screen in the past. The messages they post are often focused on believing in yourself - their most popular hashtag being #igotthis. 

But then I reminded myself that the goal is to sell shakes and workout videos. Starting to feel a little fishy...yes?

As the weeks have progressed I have seen more and more Beachbody coaches talking about "clean" eating and cutting "bad" foods.  About replacing meals with shakes, about never missing a workout despite your body being tired or needing sleep.

THIS is where I start to really question any "healthy-living" program.

These coaches are not trained in nutrition, or in any science related to health or fitness for that matter.  THEY MAKE MONEY FROM SELLING SHAKES.  And just because you add "ology" to the end of your product does not make it scientifically proven to do anything.

As I am writing this post I am disliking it more and more.  Maybe because it isn't until you peek under the surface that you realize what this really is.

Convincing women that they need a product to feel worthy enough to go to the beach is not right. Implying that their body is not enough as it is. That they are not enough as they are.

The business of fitness and nutrition is one where I believe companies need to tread lightly and be extra responsible.  These companies have a moral obligation to their customers to put their health first.  I just am not sure if I see this happening in this case.

It just seems to me that the better alternative (if you feel lost about how to get healthy) is to meet with a registered dietitian or check our an intuitive eating program.  Move around more, or do the Beachbody dvds when you can, take days off when you need to.  Find your set-point and accept your body.  Live.

Rant over.  But would love to hear other opinions, care to weigh in?  Add a comment below :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Lifetime Ago

I haven't written in a while.  I've thought about it a lot, I just haven't had much new to say.

This blog has been a place for me to ramble about all the overwhelming feelings and challenges I've faced over the years.

Six years ago, it started as a healthy food blog, which was actually a manifestation of my obsession with food, as I had been restricting the amount I needed to be nourished.

This blog then evolved into a place where I could share my struggle with disordered eating, and then it chronicled my journey back to happiness.

Over the past few months I have felt pretty distanced from my old life of restrictive eating and over-exercising.  Maybe that's why I was hesitant to write again.

Moving to a new city, starting a new job, getting a dog, and meeting new friends has been a true reset for me.  It has allowed my to settle into my new self in a fresh new world. 

I must say that it has made it much easier for me to let go of the old habits and damaging thoughts that accompanied them. 

I was looking through my own Facebook photos today and I realized that you really can't tell at all when I got to my rock bottom or when I started feeling better.  Other than looking smaller in photos, I look pretty much as happy and content as I do now.

Just another reminder that you don't have to look a certain way to have a disordered outlook about food, exercise, or body image.

I haven't freaked out about calories in a long time.  I haven't felt guilty about not working out in a while.  I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and think - I look good (I have good and bad days like everyone of course).  But two years ago, sitting with my therapist, I NEVER thought that day would come.

I guess the purpose of this post is to say that I am still alive and I am doing great.

AND I hope that anyone who feels guilty when they eat the "wrong" foods, and who pushes their body too hard too frequently, and who eats and exercises in order to look a certain way, believes that they can be completely happy and carefree again.  

That you don't have to worry about what to order at a restaurant, that you don't have to count calories, that you don't have to workout when you are tired.  That you don't have to hate yourself.

Life is so much more then that.


PS - Hoping to pop in more often to share some healthy living tips and of course to ramble about myself.