Friday, October 2, 2015

Adjusting with Gratitude

Adjusting to change has never really been my strong suit.  And this year marks a record number of major changes in my life.  I got married, moved across the country, AND I will be starting a new job soon.

When changes happen in our environment, I think it's important to keep true to yourself internally.  I definitely have faced some challenges over these past few months.  Figuring out how to navigate a new city, loneliness, self-doubt, missing my old friends and co-workers...but it is important for me to remind myself that with change comes new adventure.  San Diego might never feel the same as DC, but it can still be really great in its own way. 

Sometimes we tend to focus on the negatives in our life instead of being grateful for what we have - definitely something I am guilty of in the past. Today I want to take some time to appreciate all the new positives in my life.

Though I truly miss my DC co-workers,  my work-from-home "look" is legit. 

And I love not wearing makeup.

I have various offices all within 700 square feet.

In DC, I lived what I consider a pretty "restricted" lifestyle.  I let "healthy" steal my happiness.  Not anymore. AND IT FEELS OH SO GOOD.

I'll even enjoy shit like this. 

And cook meals like this!

I get to see my momma.

I don't have to attend football games in blustery weather.

I get to go to outdoor weddings and never worry about summer thunderstorms.

I get to toast my lunch (this might be the biggest positive)

After eight years, I get to be officially locked down with this guy.

When I start to feel down.  Practicing gratitude is the absolute best remedy.


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