Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Links I Love

Over the past few weeks, I have stumbled upon a lot interesting reads online.  So I thought I would share some of my favorites here.

Why Carbs Aren't Your Enemy
This article, written by a a dietitian, explains that carbs are essential for health.  It also discusses the way diet culture is actually changing American food culture.

We Tried On Victorias' Secret Swimsuits and This is What Happened
"It is unhealthy for girls to only have one image of what a bikini body is..." Hear from a group of hilarious and confident women as they model Victoria's Secret swimsuits.

How to Not Feel Crazy Around Exercise
Are you working out to feel good?  Or are you working out to look a certain way?  Is attaching your self esteem to what you do always dangerous?

How to Counter Bad Body Days
We all have those days when we feel bloated or just down on our bodies, maybe the night after we over did it on booze and jumbo slice pizza.  Here are some tips from body love activists about how to overcome those negative thoughts.

Nude Female Athletes Preach Body Love on ESPN's Cover
Bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  Accept yourself and do you.

One Thing I didn't Pack
Carly made the decision NOT to pack her scale during her recent move to San Diego.  I love this girl's blog...I love her whole outlook.  Plus, that fact that I also just moved to SD makes me feel less like an outsider here.

For the Love of Pizza
How one woman discovered she had a problem and how pizza helped her become spiteful of her eating disorder.

Hope you enjoyed these reads as much as I did!  Let me know what you think :)

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  1. Love these links! The pizza one speaks to me, I can recall ordering thin crust pizza with veggies and "light cheese" and staring longingly at my friends' pizzas as they bit into delightfully fluffy crust topped with sausages and fresh mozz. The torture! I'm so glad I don't put myself through that today. The way I used to order pizza is not even a way to eat pizza. I also can totally relate to the scale thing. When I moved out of my college dorm, while at my lowest weight, I did not bring my scale home with me. I just left it in there. Though I had a long way to go once I moved back home, I still am so glad I left that scale behind.