Sunday, July 5, 2015

A New Home

This was my first weekend in my new town of San Diego, California, over 2,000 miles away from Washington, D.C., which is where I have called home for the last five years.   Other than some random bouts of sadness about missing DC, it was a pretty awesome weekend.

After several hours of unpacking, we had a fantastic dinner at Cafe Chloe, a french restaurant just a couple of blocks from our apartment.  I had Tile Fish and Travis had the Steak Frites.

Followed by port, because liquid dessert is the ultimate reward for a day of unpacking.

We also found our neighborhood grocery store.  It's nice, other than the fact that 18 eggs cost nearly $7 in California.  After some research we discovered that it has something to do with a law requiring chickens to be able to spread their wings in their cages. I guess I am down with that. BUT REALLY,   $7?!

The good news is that we can get our eggs with a side of liquor now.

I got in a workout at our apartment gym, which is AMAZING.  

Since we don't have any friends here yet, we decided to go on a 4th of July 2-person pub crawl.  During which I enjoyed a spicy jalapeno margarita at a cute place in the Gaslamp called Cafe 21.  Will have to go back to try their variety of sangria soon.

Then we made our way back toward our apartment and discovered this awesome beer garden just a block from our place.  They had great beer, burgers, and even a dog park!  I started to feel a little lonely as we sat and drank our beers there, it seemed like everyone else was with their friends and I wished mine were there.  But watching the dogs play and run around helped alleviate the blues.

We also spent some time at our pool, which was good for people watching.  People are very different on the west coast versus the east coast.  I don't think it's bad, just different.  I grew up on the west coast, but the differences seem more prominent now having lived in DC for five years.

We walked to the San Diego harbor to watch the fireworks, which literately went on for 30 minutes!  Sorry, no you may know, fireworks don't photograph well.

Oh and I bought a basil plant, the most essential purchase for a new apartment.

That's my update for now, hope you had a happy 4th too!


  1. Aw I'm sorry that you were missing your friends on the 4th but am proud of you for making the most of it! As you well know, a two person pub crawl sounds to me like a great way to spend the weekend of the 4th. I was with my family this weekend but even took a couple hours to myself to do some restaurant exploring solo, because my family isn't into that but it makes me so excited and happy. The whole egg thing is crazy, I know what you mean about feeling conflicted, do I feel happy about paying more so that chickens can have more "wing room" or do I wish they didn't so I could have more money in my pocket? Kinda like clothing companies that don't use sweat shop workers. And ha, buying booze at the grocery store excited me when I moved to MA because in CT there was only beer in grocery stores, no wine!

    1. Hey! Sounds like you had an awesome 4th too, and good for your for getting out and exploring some restaurants solo, I like doing that. Not even wine in CT grocery stores? That is just absurd!!