Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thinking Out Loud: It's Almost Time

Thursday's are for Thinking Out Loud!  I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons to share some random thoughts today.  It is 5pm on Thursday on the east coast, so I almost missed the boat on this...

Friends are so damn special you guys.  When I was struggling with disordered eating, I couldn't see the love that my friends and family were giving me.  All I could see was my own dislike for myself.  But now I see it all around me.  We are moving away and have a wedding in six weeks, so the love seems to be pouring in and it feels so good.

Our friends Rina and Derek took us to an AMAZING dinner at Crane and Turtle.

 May have been the best dish of my life
 So much Sake!

Moving sucks.  And moving across the country sucks even more.  The logistics rival wedding planning.  Our apartment is now empty, so you'd would think that the hardest part is over, but it gets even more uncomfortable when you are living on an air mattress and have nowhere to sit and eat your dinner.  Luckily we have a little grilling area behind our building.  

I haven't been the healthiest this week.  And that's OK.  I am soaking up all the time I have left in this city and that means drinking scotch with gummy worms, eating duck skin at Peking Gourmet Inn, and savoring the delicious coconut cake after my beautiful brunch bridal shower.  Life is about living it. Not cutting out the fun stuff to look a certain way.

I am trying to enjoy these last few days in DC, but the thought of leaving so many people I love is hard to get past.  I am trying to focus on being thankful for everything I have gained since coming here, and that includes a new outlook on life, a great career, special people, and a new understanding of myself.

Well that's it, short and sweet for today, heading to the wonderful Centrolina for dinner with my spin friends!  My next post will probably be from my new home, San Diego. 

Talk soon!


  1. Moving is the WORST! I have run into a few issues with my apartment but part of the reason why I still signed a new lease in Feb was because the thought of moving just pained me. Currently I am dealing with more issues and am thinking I just need to suck it up and move out. Glad you had some fun sprinkled in between the moving!

    1. It is really hard, especially with all of deposits and start up fees with utilities. Sounds like starting fresh may be the way to go if it will alleviate stress in the long run. I am jealous you are going to visit DC soon. Say hi to my city for me :)