Monday, May 25, 2015

Don't Listen!

I was exercising excessively and maintaining a slight frame.  I was able to say no to snacks and always order the lightest meal on the menu.  I was proud of my "willpower." I was the result of hard work; hours in the gym and a strict caloric deficit.

I looked like a fit woman was "supposed to" and it was the saddest I have ever been. It was the worst I ever felt about myself.  Every day was a battle with myself, every day was a constant struggle to maintain the way a looked... because the way I looked wasn't really me. 

Remember that its okay to be you. There is nothing wrong with your size, whatever it is.  Society tells us we need to look a certain way.  Choose not to believe it.

I know it's hard.  Just yesterday, I thought to myself - wow, these jeans feel tight, I'd love to lose some of this extra weight.  Question those thoughts!  Why do I need to change my body if I am perfectly healthy? Why don't I deserve to eat what I crave? Who says that I am not perfect as I am now?
Remember who you are and what makes you special, and remember that it has nothing to do with how you look.

Don't count calories, listen to your body, eat what sounds good and gives you energy.  Do the exersice that makes you feel good.  Cut Shape Magazine and US Weekly from your Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Add Real Life RD, Isabel Foxen Duke, and The Militant Baker instead.

Make a conscious choice to live your life fully.  Love yourself at any size.  You have the power to decide what to believe.

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