Monday, February 9, 2015

Last Year of My 20's

I am definitely going to leave my 20's a hell of a lot wiser than I was when I entered them. This has been a really great year for me, I came to terms with the fact that my "healthy" lifestyle was just the opposite.  I made big changes in my life that weren't easy.  I began to love myself and as I did, I was able to let myself be loved by others.

Birthdays for me over the past five years have been hard psychologically.  The thought of eating a cupcake or having wine and a big dinner on a weeknight gave me anxiety - even on my special day.  This year, I would be lying if I said that guilt was completely gone.  But this year was different in that I could listen to those voices from a more objective perspective and remind myself why they are silly. Instead I focused on all of the kind things my friends and family did to make my day great.

Beginning with ice cream cake at our 10am Monday department meeting.

Then a special delivery from my friend Alexis.  She is so thoughtful, and has great taste in flowers.  Aren't they beautiful?!

Followed by a gift from a new friend at work, a gorgeous rose gold bracelet.  I was beyond excited and it meant a lot. Had to get the ring in there, as if I don't stare at it enough.

And the gift of soul from my friend Steph, who knows me all too well.

A lovely seafood dinner at the one and only Fiola Mare.

And a gift from my soul mate on the west coast that reminded me of my roots.  

All finished off with a wine tasting weekend in Loudoun County.

I couldn't have asked for a more special week.  I can't wait for what year 29 has in store.

I will get married, I will travel to the Greek Islands, I will spend a crazy weekend with my best friends. Not a bad way to end an era :)


  1. What a fun birthday! I still have cocktail envy! So happy that you feel so great about where you are right now in life :)

    1. Thanks Cait! You had a lot to do with my decision to get better. Thank you :)

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  3. Happy birthday! Progress is good, good job!