Sunday, January 11, 2015

What it really means to treat yourself

Sometimes I get home from work and I feel lethargic.  I want to put on stretchy pants and an over-sized t-shit, and plop on the couch to watch bad TV. 

But taking the time to do something special for myself keeps me energized and happy.  It could be as simple as taking a hot shower on a cold night. Lighting candles or incense and listening to my favorite playlist.  Stretching on a yoga mat in the middle of my living room. Picking up flowers and placing them in small vases all over the apartment.  Or taking the time to make a delicious recipe.

This week, after a long few days of work, I fought my tendency to throw a chicken breast in the oven, and retreat the the couch.  Instead I decided I was going to take the time to carefully chop vegetables, make a delicious sauce, and complete the steps to actually bread and stir fry the chicken.

The result was the best sweet and sour chicken I have ever had.  The chicken was moist and rich and the vegetables were perfectly crisp.

Sometimes we forget to take the extra time to give ourselves something special each day.  We skip steps to get things done more quickly, trading self indulgence for efficiency.  Remind yourself that you are worth the extra effort.



  1. Another beautiful post and a great reminder that "treat yourself" has so many meanings. I tend not to define self care as anything that involves lying on the couch or staying in. Sometimes self care means skipping the gym so that I can have time to cook a delicious dinner, or it means going to yoga instead of taking a spin class. I tend to only think of taking care of myself as eating perfectly healthy food or doing the hardest workouts. I've been working hard on expanding my definition of self care to what will benefit me mentally as well. That chicken looks delicious and I am with you on having to fight that urge to throw soup in the microwave or heat up a frozen meal! Whenever I put in the time to make something tasty, I always feel so great about myself, and proud. It's worth it!

    1. Very good point - everyone has the power to definite self care for themselves, and it is definitely subjective! I also used to think that self care was was just physical, but it is also cognitive. I always have to fight the urge to fall back into old habits of doing the most intense workout and making the lowest calorie frozen meal.

  2. i love to treat myself by baking, it is such a big stress reliever for me! except i just have to fight the strong temptation to not eat the whole pan myself with my history of binge eating problems welp!

    1. I love baking too, such a great stress reliever! It is really tough when you have a sweet tooth like myself. I have found that now that I allow myself to eat sweets when I crave them, baking is more enjoyable and less anxiety inducing.