Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm a Soul Cycle Convert

Right across from my office is the brand new Soul Cycle in DC.  It is impossible to avoid passing it at least twice a day, and it'd hard not to stare at the fit crowd of enthusiasts.  I knew I wanted to try it eventually, but as a frequent spinner, I labeled it as a cliquey cult-like version of the classes I love at my local gym.  A marketing masterpiece with little substance.

Tonight I went with a group of coworkers to cash in on the first-class-discount and give it a chance.

I left a changed woman...

I have been to a lot of group fitness classes.  So many of them are focused on changing your body, competition with the person next to you,  levels of exertion you must reach, instructors who tell you that you aren't working hard enough.

But not here.

As I walked into the studio it was like entering a concert hall, and my excitement built for the show to start.  Staff walked around to make sure everyone's bikes were set up.  The instructor was on the mic announcing the minutes until start time.  Then the lights dimmed, the candles lit up, the music thumped through my body and my adrenaline fired me right into the first track.  I knew as soon as I took off, legs spinning, that this was definitely my kind of workout.

The instructor's confidence and energy was contagious.  Judgement was gone, this was about focusing in on ourselves.  It was about pushing our bodies in a way that felt good and in a way that was fun.  It wasn't about changing anything, it was about letting go, being yourself, being enough.  It wasn't about our bodies, it was about our spirit and it was about facing challenges in our own way.  It wasn't about competition, it was about feeding off each others energy.  There were no calorie counts, levels, RPMs, it was about listening to your body and pushing yourself to your own limits.

At one point the instructor even said "you are enough as you are right now."  One of my favorite mantras :)

I know my pocketbook cannot possibly afford to make this a part of my regular routine, but I think its worth the splurge every now and then.

Have you ever tried Soul Cycle?

What do you like/don't like about group fitness?

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