Wednesday, July 16, 2014

An Ode

I am guilty of negative self talk, of being overly critical of myself and my body.  I often get caught up comparing myself to others. I would never talk to another person the way I talk to myself and my body.  So I wanted to take a moment first to apologize to the body parts I often put down (cough, stomach - cough, cough - thighs), and point out the amazing things my body does every day that are so often overlooked and under appreciated. 

I have chosen to show myself how much I the corniest way possible - A POEM!  *blush*

An ode...

To my legs – your are strong and bold, you take me near and far, without you I would be no where

To my arms – you are agile and resilient, you carry all the things I need to survive

To my ass – you comfort me as I sit and think, you shine the most on the dance floor

To my stomach – you are the home for the food that nourishes me, you process the fuel that keeps me going

To my boobs – you are always the star of the show, two bra’s can’t even hold you down!
To my face - you are unique, you present me to the world as one

To my mind – you are smarter than you think, and just as funny as you know

To my heart – you are kind, you love, you ache for others

To me – I am the whole of all of the parts, all perfectly flawed and completely my own

Did you like my poem?  

What is a body part you often put down, and why you should appreciate it?


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