Thursday, June 5, 2014

This is Bad

I am starting this post with a disclaimer.  I am not a nutritionist and all of my insights and opinions are my own. 

I have strong feelings about our society’s acceptance of the serious food issues that rob us of our health and limit our happiness.  We accept that the media glorifies stick-thin women and perfectly toned men.  We are constantly told that we could always improve our bodies and that we are never enough as we are.  We are promised that losing weight will bring us happiness and that strict diets are the only way to reach this blissful state.  This is our world.  A world that says that a 12 year old girl should do a “cleanse.”  

I was so saddened when I saw a report on Good Morning America today about young girls doing cleanses with their mothers.  During the interview, one of the girls said “I am CRAVING kale right now.”  Bullshit you are craving kale!  Get that kid some ice cream and send her outside to play.

Our bodies were created with such genius and precision that they cleanse themselves beautifully on their own.  On a cleanse diet these growing girls won’t get the nutrients they need, they will lose weight, they will associate fad diets with this change, they will associate losing weight with success, they are heading down the path to an eating disorder and I can only imagine all the amazing childhood experiences an eating disorder would ruin for them.  Luckily, the reporters from GMA addressed many concerns from doctors; one equated this to “reverse bulimia,” which surely would never be supported by mothers.

Though I wouldn’t do one, I don’t have a problem with cleanses for adults, everyone’s body is their own.  My nutritionist wrote an interesting article about them recently if you are interested in learning about the different types and their effects.  My argument here is that children do not have the knowledge and how-to to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need for basic brain function and growth.  And I hate the sick message it sends them.

Okay, enough ranting.  Time to finish my bagel.

Anyone else have opinions about cleanses or ever tried one? 

Do you think this could lead to disordered eating?

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