Monday, June 23, 2014

Sometimes you Just Need a Good Beer

While it is obvious that I love cocktails, I also sometimes just crave a good beer (and even Coors light if the occasion permits) - don't judge me!  Though I don’t usually chose it at meals over wine or a cocktail, I definitely have some favorites for after-dinner sipping.

Stone Cali Belgique
My all-time favorite beer.  And hard to find on the East Coast.  But now that my family lives near Stone brewery, it has shown up in care packages every now and then.  My parents know me well.  Perfectly hoppy, perfectly balanced, easy to drink Belgian IPA.

21st Amendment Back to Black
Was reminded how much I love this one this weekend when I drank it while escaping a storm in a tent while camping in the Shenandoah mountains.  It is an American Black Ale - I would describe it as a comfort beer for me, and is best in the winter or on rainy nights.  Pure malty perfection.

Avery White Rascal
This witbeer is my favorite summery beer.  I enjoy IPAs, but hefeweizen and witbeers have a place in my heart as well. It has almost a creamy texture, but with the classic orange/citrus flavors typical of this genre.  Loves it.

Firestone Wookey Jack
This beer won me over when I visited the Firestone Brewery near Santa Barbara a couple years ago.  Similar to the Back to Black, the Wookey Jack, another American Black Ale, has a creamy texture and is less carbonated.  A great balance of hops and rye.

Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale
I love this Bell's paired with food.  I had it recently with pizza at a local Neapolitan joint.  It has great flavors and is not overly filling, if that makes sense?  Another American IPA, the Bell’s is crisp and refreshing with tons of hops.

Troeggs Hop Back Amber Ale

I also love hoppy amber ales like this one.  A little sweet, with a hint of caramel, but also rich and hoppy.  In this section, I also need to give an honorable mention to Greenflash’s Hop Head Red – another favorite with similar flavors.

Do you have a favorite beer?  

Ever tried any of these?

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