Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Favorite Smoothie

Saturdays are usually the days I get the best workouts in.  I try to take it easy most Friday's so I can really enjoy the day the next morning.  This morning, after about 11 hours of sleep, I ate a big breakfast and headed to the gym to try a new cycle class and cash in on a personal training session.  I threw on my fancy new kicks and was out the door.

The cycle class was great, the instructor played fun music and had a ton of energy, reminded me of a camp instructor during my cheerleading days.

The personal training session was tough following a spin class but I brought a snack to refuel - so that helped a lot.  I learned four strength training routines that combined free weights with moves like jumping jacks and squat jumps in between.  I know I will be sore, so I scheduled a deep tissue massage for tomorrow. Treat yourself, right?!

This weekend is definitely shaping up to be all about taking care of myself, so what better way to continue on that trend than with a nutrient packed kale smoothie.

I have a sweet tooth and usually end up adding agave or splenda to my smoothies, but this one had no need for any added sweetener.  I might even argue that it tasted better than my alltime favorite treat...

Maybe not quite that good, but it came pretty close...

The Sweet Kale Smoothie

1 cup of raw rinsed kale
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk (I used vanilla)
1/3 cup of frozen blueberries
1/2 of a very large banana (or one small banana)
2 tablespoons of P2B powder*
2 tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce
1/4 cup of vanilla Greek yogurt
5 ice cubes

Blend everything together and drink up!  Mine was gone in about 2 minutes.

*If you haven't tried PB2 yet, you should!  It is a lighter version of peanut butter - it is pure roasted peanuts, ground up with sugar and salt. When combined with water, it is basically peanut butter.

Do your body good and try this smoothie asap :)

What is your favorite "strange" ingredient to toss into smoothies?

Are you a fan of sweeter smoothies, or tarter versions?

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