Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

I just got back from a long weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland, a beachside party town similar to Pacific Beach, CA, but with fewer waves, more humidity and fist pumping.  Many of you may relate to the guilt that sometimes accompanies vacation.  We usually drink a lot more, eat unhealthy foods, and don’t exercise when we are on vacation.  So how do you stay healthy and limit the post-vacation guilt…?

Well for exercise, you can just pump your fist a little harder.   

And stay out dancing a little later.

And for nutrients, you should try to get plenty of vitamin D.

Add servings of vegetables by starting your morning with bloody marys.

Diversify your cheese intake by enjoying it on top of different types of carbs.

Get creative with this.

Add extra lime to your margaritas to help with digestion and keep your skin soft - oh and also to prevent oral ulcers apparently.

Then ask yourself, how often you get to have weekends like this?  And enjoy every single minute.  I am not saying you should eat until you feel sick, or drink until you black out.  My strategy is to constantly be in tune with my body and what it wants and needs throughout the trip.  The worst thing you can do for it is skip meals - if you listen closely, you don’t have to over-think anything. Anyone else craving a big salad?  See, it all balances out in the end.

But I wouldn't be honest if I told you that it was easy for me.  Each day I choose to step blindly in the right direction, despite the negative voice that likes to whisper in my head.

Do you enjoy vacations without guilt?

Anyone else LOVE Seacrets in OCMD?


  1. Perfect :). Travis' 3D glasses are the best.

    1. Haha he refused to take them off, asking "why would anyone go through life without wearing these all the time?"

  2. I can't believe I only just saw this post now! It's amazing!

    1. Thanks Cait! I am so glad you can relate. I was surprised with how great I did after that weekend. I keep thinking back to this after all of my recent trips - it helps me rationalize with myself and kick out the guilty thoughts.