Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Healthy for Spring

What’s up peeps?!

Spring is in the air, that means we are all showing a little bit more skin.  We are emerging from our winter hibernation pale and slightly bloated.  Here are my strategies for getting healthy this Spring...

1) Build muscle:  Having more muscle revs up your metabolism.  Running for hours is fine if that is what you enjoy, but lifting heavy weights just 2-3 times per week has tons of benefits.  Strength training helps burn calories more efficiently, increases bone density, and reduces the risk of injury. 

Check me out about to pump some iron in the basement gym of our DC apartment (this is my first gym selfie and probably my last...something about it just feels weird.)

2) Exercise intuitively:  Listening to my body has helped improve my relationship with exercise.  It shouldn’t be a chore.  Rest days are important and even just 10 minutes of strength training has benefits.  Love this post on the topic from Robyn @ The Real Life RD.

3) Get more nutrients:  Being healthy isn’t about eating a low calorie, low fat diet. When I don’t get the essential nutrients I need I end up feeling weak, tired, and moody.  One strategy I’ve had is adding fruits, veggies and nuts to my favorite meals.  Like these “bananafied oats.”

Just mash up a ripe banana into your oats before or during cooking.

Including egg yolks in my diet instead of egg whites is another way I have been adding in nutrients.  Did you know that the slew of nutrients in an egg yolk offer more benefits than taking a multivitamin?!  My only problem is that I often end up with yolk on my face hours after breakfast - luckily I have a loyal boyfriend who "yolk-checks" me regularly.

4) Get out of my comfort zone: Taking more trips, trying new exercise classes, experimenting with new foods.  Changing things up is shown to increase overall happiness.  And now that the weather is nice, I am taking advantage of seeing and doing all the things – even if it messes with my routine.

Happy Spring!

What makes you feel most healthy and confident?

Are you as paste-y as I am?

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