Monday, February 17, 2014

Ravioli and a Reuben

Does anyone else experience the Sunday blues?  Maybe you get stressed about going back to work on Monday.  Perhaps you are slightly hungover.  Maybe you feel like you didn't get as much accomplished as you had hoped.  Or you feel like you spend too much money.  For me, the Sunday blues stems from guilt about all of the indulgences of the weekend. 

It all started with a romantic Valentine's Day meal.  

We made ravioli from scratch!

For tips on how to make the dough, check out this post.  For the filling:

Combine 1/2 cup of ricotta
with 1/4 cup parmesean
in a pan, saute fresh spinach, garlic and copped mushrooms
take half of the sauted veggies, let them cool, then mix with the cheeses
To the pan with the other half of the veggies, add 2 tablespoons of butter and a 1/2 cup of chicken stock.  Simmer to reduce.  This will be the lovely sauce for the ravioli.

Be sure to top with lots of Parmesan!

We also cooked lobster tail cause "we fancy."

The next night was another rich meal.  Steak and frites at a restaurant in our neighborhood called Medium Rare with a few of our close friends.  They are known for their one set menu which consists of fresh bread, salad, steak with gravy, and crispy french fries.  And when you finish your steak and fries, they come around with second helping!  I paired my steak with a refreshing lemon vodka cocktail, which was just sour enough to cut the richness of the steak. It was a great meal and the service was phenomenal.  You can't beat the combination of good friends and a good steak.

Usually Friday and Saturday night splurges are plenty for one weekend.  But this was a three-day weekend.  My boyfriend and I both have Monday off for President's day so we felt like we had to keep the fun going.  We decided to go to happy hour at DGS Deli in Dupont circle on (gasp) a Sunday night!  DGS is a gourmet spin on the classic Jewish deli that I had been dying to try for over a year now.  It definitely didn't disappoint - the bartender was friendly, the happy hour specials were awesome, and the food was beyond delicious.  Between the pastrami chili cheese fries, the latkes with apple marmalade and sour cream, the matzo ball soup, the juicy Reuben, and three old-fashioneds, I felt like I may have overdone it.  I was completely stuffed.

A year ago, when my Jewish grandmother passed away, we talked about going to this deli in her honor.  Though my boyfriend tried to take me several times, and despite really wanting to go, my anxiety around food kept me away.  That greasy Reuben and those meaty fries plus multiple heavy cocktails...very scary.

Almost exactly a year to the day my grandmother passed away, we finally went.  And I ate those fried latkes.  And they were oh-so-good.  My grandma was definitely smiling down on me. 

I am not going to pretend it was all rainbows and butterflies, I definitely had some anxiety before going and guilt afterward.

But when I woke of this morning, with the morning sun peaking though the curtains, I pulled back the covers and looked down at my stomach.  Travis, my boyfriend, turned over and saw me.  He said, "See babe, nothing bad happened."  He is right.  Nothing bad happened and nothing bad will ever come of a greasy Reuben and some cocktails on a Sunday night. 

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