Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flipping It

It is Sunday morning.  I am sitting at the kitchen table, reflecting on the weekend.  Sometimes my tendency is to focus on what was missing from my weekends, but I think it is important to appreciate all the good more often.  So here is my attempt to flip all the "negatives" into positives.

First, a trip to Whole Foods.  

The bad, feeling guilty about spending way more money then I planned.  Why did I need these tulips? The brie was totally unnecessary.  How is a 4oz piece of salmon $8!?

The good, my purchases amounted to a successful girls dinner with two of my close friends and former roommates.  The tulips were the perfect centerpiece, the salmon was insanely delicious.  And the brie made for the perfect late night snack when I got hungry again after they left :)

Staying out too late and sleeping in too late

The bad, feeling a little blah and dehydrated.

The good, a chance to cook my favorite breakfast of runny-eggs and toast rather than running straight to the gym.

Supposedly, it is nice out.  But I don't buy it.  50 degrees is still cold in my book.

The bad, wishing more and more that winter was over.

The good, getting closer each day to bringing my little herb garden back to life...

This is an old picture from last spring, this is what keeps me going.

Missing my family.

The bad, I need new pants but my mom is the only person I like to shop with.  I am unmotivated to go alone.  I miss her...

The good.  Living in DC, next door to beauties like this none the less.  This is the National Cathedral, just a few blocks from our apartment, for those of you who haven't seen it.

Double good - Not going shopping means that all of my pants are too tight, so my backside is very accentuated lately, which doesn't look that bad I must say ;)

And Lastly....


There is NOTHING bad about baking muffins! 

Happy end-of-the-weekend friends.

Anyone else figure out ways to put positive spins on some of the things you typically consider "negative"?

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