Sunday, January 26, 2014


Whiskey was the theme for my weekend.  It all started with a movie night at my neighbor James' apartment.  James is a funny guy - he has quite the home bar, which includes draft beer, gorgeous glassware, a variety of liquor and fancy back-lighting.  I cooked dinner for him and my boyfriend and he repayed the favor by hosting us to watch a movie and drink whiskey at his place.  After the movie and after a few too many drinks, we had the grand idea to do a blind whiskey tasting.  I am definitely no whiskey expert, so it really helped me learn what I like. 

The next night by boyfriend and I went to our favorite spot, District Kitchen, for some pre-dinner drinks and snacks.  Steve the bartender was friendly as usual and I was tipsy, as usual... :)  So I asked him to explain the differences between whiskey and scotch.  He was very informative and even gave me some tastes of two different single malts.  Here is how I have since come to understand it:

Whiskey is any booze distilled from fermented grain mash. Whiskeys are differentiated by the different types of grain used for the mash.

Scotch - Malted barley is used.  Must also be made 100% in Scotland.  Required to age in oak barrels for at least 3 years.
Bourbon (my personal fav) - Bourbon whiskey must be made from a grain mixture which is at least 51% corn.  It must be produced in the United States. (Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Knob Creek)
Tennessee Bourbon - Bourbon made in Tennessee.  People in Tennessee will argue it is much more than that, but really, it isn't.  Gentleman's Jack...pfff. (Jack Daniels, Benjamin Prichard's)
Rye - Made with rye mash, though many rye whiskey's are made with corn mash in addition to rye.  In Canada, if there is even just a little rye involved, it can be labeled as rye whiskey.  Those Canadian's are so much more chill than the rest of us.  In the US, rye whiskey has to be made with 51% rye mash.
Irish Whiskey - Who cares. (Jameson)
Fireball - A new refined whiskey made primarily of sugar, taking the world by storm one bro at a time (shhhh..I am actually a sucker for this crap).

And now I leave you with a little song I found during my research -

Whisky or Whiskey
A Scotsman who spells
Whisky with a n ‘e’,
should be hand cuffed
and thrown head first in the Dee,
In the USA and Ireland,
it’s spelt with an ‘e’
but in Scotland
it’s real ‘Whisky’.
So if you see Whisky
and it has an ‘e’,
only take it,
if you get it for free!
For the name is not the same
and it never will be,
a dram is only a real dram,
from a bottle of ‘Scotch Whisky’.

Any other ladies drink whiskey?

Which kind is your drink of choice?


  1. can we talk about how much i love you for writing this post? any whiskey weekend is a fun one! and hopefully not a hungover one. that cocktail looks AMAZING. i'm going out tonight and was debating a whiskey i certainly am closer to deciding on that...

    1. I am so glad you like the topic! Now that I have reached an appropriate level of wine-snobbery, I am trying to move on to liquor. Whiskey cocktails are the best, enjoy your night!