Friday, January 31, 2014

Truths about Spinning

People with spin shoes purposely clip in then find a reason to get up and clip in again just to show off their spinning prowess. 

The instructor’s mic NEVER works.  But they will insist on trying to fix it for far too long after class begins.

My bike is calibrated heavier than the others, because there is no way a full turn only brings me from a 5 to a 6. Try a 5 to a 9.

During sprints, most people are going downhill over a bunch of small speed bumps placed only a foot apart.

There is always a large male sitting way to low on his bike.

The person who continues to “ride hard” after class has ended and the rest of us are stretching needs to be told to just stop.  It was plenty of cardio and you are making us feel bad.

Your butt may hurt the first couple of times.  But don’t worry it will callous.

Please wipe down your bike!

Any one else experience any of these truths?  

Do you have any to add?


  1. all true! i would add...

    *any instructor that tells you to sprint for an entire song doesn't know what they're doing

    *this new trend of doing crunches while on the bike is dumb and ineffective

    *there will always be at least one person to drenches the entire floor around their bike with sweat, five minutes into class

    also, i am occasionally that person that still rides hard during cool down... but usually it's only because i was too lazy/didnt push myself earlier in class :)

    1. Ohhhh very good additions!!! I have yet to try doing crunches on the bike, but that sounds dangerous...