Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Weekend of Gluttony

What makes the perfect weekend?  For me it is any weekend with sunshine, low humidity, a good spin session, a long run, a trip to trader joes, a BIG beer, and a free froyo.  And that, my friends is exactly what I got last weekend!  I know, I know, it is already Thursday and I am JUST now getting to this post.  Just needed some time to really plan out what I wanted to say :)

It is often a struggle for me to relax, let go of anxieties and just live in the moment.  So I have made  a mid-year resolution to do just that.  On Friday, it started off with a half pitcher of margaritas...

Do some people really say no to salt?  That is cray.

And then on Saturday there were BIG beers at Biergarten Haus....

Followed by some greasy grub...

And finally dessert...

I am pretty sure this is the best chocolate bar I have EVER eaten.  Don't worry, my self-restraint kicked in after a couple of bites.  So I have been breaking small pieces for dessert each night this week.

Overall, I had such a fantastic weekend, no meltdowns, no mood swings, and only a little bit of guilt about the number of indulgences I enjoyed.   I decided to cook something super healthy for dinner on Sunday to make me feel a bit better about all of the treats.  This meal is one of my staples, I probably eat it 2 times per week.

Baked sweet potato topped with salt and Greek Yogurt, a baked chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and oven roasted broccoli.  So simple, I don't think I need to even write out the instructions for you :)

Wish me luck on my attempt to have another fantastic weekend, free of worries and fear, but without a shortage of indulgences.


  1. that meal does look and sound amazing especially the sweet potato with Greek yogurt, I should try that! I plan to have sweet potato with dinner tonight and maybe I will dip it in plain Cho, whoo hoo! I find that having a healthy Sunday dinner definitely helps me to feel less guilty about any weekend food/drink fun. It gets me into the mindset that I will be back to more "normal" eats for the upcoming week.

    1. Yeah, it always feels so good to get back into a routine. Enjoy the sweet potato, they are my favorite! And let me know what you think about the yogurt :)