Sunday, July 21, 2013


For the past few years I have relied on the same favorite go-to lunch.  A turkey sandwich on toasted bread with lots of avocado and a big heap of honey mustard.  Followed by a Fugi apple.  It really HAS to be Fuji, they are the perfect amount of sweet and crunch - the ideal fiber-y finish to any meal.  It is so good and I never get tired of it.  But I am starting to worry that all that processed turkey is going to give me cancer...if the microwave popcorn I eat everyday hasn't already.  And people at work giggle when they see me carefully assembling my same turkey sandwich every single day.

Another thing I like about my turkey sandwich is that I have complete control over what is in it.  But in an effort to start steering away from that obsession - I am going to start branching out a little.  Please don't be grossed out by the mid-bite pic.

So this weekend I drove allllll the way to Virgina to go to Trader Joes, I actually made Travis drive me because I am afraid to drive through the city. It is the only place I know I can find some fresh new lunch ideas - making salads and utilizing leftovers is too overwhelming for me.  I think I was successful with these, but I will have to let you know how it goes:

Does anyone else have control issues when it comes to food?  A little obsessive about what goes in your sandwiches, on top of your salads, rolled in your sushi?  I have realized that I get anxious when others prepare my food, or when I don't know what ingredients are used.  I know this isn't good - so I am taking small steps to just "let go" and "branch out."  Wish me luck!

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