Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dupont Circle Sundays

Despite the 110 degree temperature outside, I ventured to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market this weekend. I ran into some metro challenges, as usual, but arrived in the circle to a frenzy of locals scavenging a plethora of booths for the freshest produce, greenery, artisan breads, and cheeses. When I got back home, I cranked the oven to 400 (cranked down the thermostat to 65), and roasted two foil-lined trays of sliced zucchini, eggplant, onions, and large chunks of chopped garlic. I seasoned the veggies with a little cooking spray, onion salt, fresh ground pepper, and parsley. I roasted them for about 40 minutes and tossed them a few times throughout for an even char.

As soon as they were done, I made a veggie wrap with cheese and couple dollops of nonfat greek yogurt and stashed the leftovers in a large Tupperware. The roasted veggies made a terrific side dish to my salmon that evening. I enjoyed them on pizza with pesto sauce the next day for lunch, and I mixed them with rice, chicken and soy sauce the next night for a pseudo – stir fry. So versatile and healthy!

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