Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Made It

The red eye got us into DC at 7:00am. When I stepped out of the airport door a chill cut right through my light sweatshirt. I usually hate the cold but I loved that feeling. It was as though the city was saying "wake up, Lindsay, you are finally here!"

My apartment was nice. Empty, and a little dark, but I knew it would welcome my furniture and decor. I was very tired, but my excitement kept me from sleeping (or maybe it was the air-mattress that deflated after an hour of me laying on it.) My mom came with me to help me get settled into my new home. We walked around the neighborhood, found the metro, the grocery store, and the local gym. I was not afraid like I thought I would be, I was happy.

The next day we decided to take the metro into the city. Not a great idea on the first day of the National Cherry Blossom festival. The metro cars were packed. Commuters, tourists and strollers. It was terrible. No one should have to ever stand so close to a stranger. I never thought I would be frightened by the recorded voice of a woman saying "step back, doors closing." But those dreaded words scared the shit out of me. We rode the bus the rest of the week. The whole public transportation thing had once sounded modern, green, and trendy. Now it makes me cringe a little, but I am hoping I will adjust.

I feel like I am adjusting well, but I am afraid to speak too soon. My mom left this morning. I took a long run across the Potomac River and through Georgetown. It felt great to be on my own in this new city. I managed not to feel lonely on my first Easter alone- which could just be because I'm Jewish - but I am proud of myself. A little nervous for work this week. But excited to start getting into a routine.

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  1. Hey, your part Irish too, you know.

    Sounds like you're adjusting well. I'm jealous, by the way.

    Talk to you soon!