Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today the movers called to confirm the pick-up of my life and worldly possessions scheduled for next week. The woman on the phone told me that I am insured up to $21,000. Then she asked if that would cover the worth of my stuff. In other words, if my items are lost, this is the amount they will reimburse me for everything. I asked the woman on the phone "what is the likelihood that my items are lost?" She replied, "there is a very small chance." I was disappointed. I softly said, "the $21,000 should be fine."

I just emptied out a closet in my Los Angeles apartment to use as my "movers do not take this stuff" designated area. The parallel suddenly donned on me. There are some things I will need to tuck away. To hang on to during this "adventure." Things that I cannot let anyone take from me, not even for two weeks on a moving truck. Those things get broken into. God I hope it gets broken in to.

One of the things I have to keep safe, in the little closest in the back of my mind is my confidence. My ability to believe that I can get through anything. Something else that cannot be touched by anyone I cross paths with during this change is my sense of humor. Things will go wrong. My ability to laugh at myself and others when this happens keeps me sane and balanced. Lastly, and most importantly, my optimism must remain in that closet. Out of reach of influencers. When a day is rough, I must be able to pull out that optimism and remind myself that the bad days will come and go, and I have to have the strength to remain hopeful about my future and trust in my decision to move across the country.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Background

Everything is perfect. Great boyfriend, great apartment, great job. I am completely and utterly content- I haven't felt this way in a while. But recently I had an idea. This is how it always happens, I get an idea in my head and decide I have to make a change right away. Literally, right away. Usually its my hair color, my wardrobe, or rearranging my bedroom. But this time it's a little more permanent, and a lot more work. This time, I have decided to move across the country. To risk my perfectly content, perfectly happy state of mind to experience something different. To say goodbye to the love of my life, my family, my friends, and my flawless routine. To go from a SoCal girl to a big city woman. To begin a new adventure in the most powerful city in the world.

This is a blog about that adventure and about all the emotions, experiences, and problems that are bound to come with it. This is a blog about my courageous move from Los Angeles to Washington DC.